New Product

  • After installation, commissioning and production in December 2020, our factory has been able to produce screen printing glass normally.


  • The installation of the screen glass production line has increased the variety of new products in our factory, such as toughened screen glass, and many colors can be added.
  • Toughened glass on a variety of high temperature patterns are widely used, our factory adopts a large screen printing production line and the combination of tempering furnace, can produce a variety of patterns and colors of painted glass, to provide customers with more choice space.


  • Our advantage products such as: copper-free silver mirror,
  •                                                                     tempered glass,
  •                                                                     silver mirr
  •                                                                     laminated glass,
  •                                                                     color paint glass,
  •                                                                     screen printing toughened glass,
  •                                                                    laminated screen printing glass


Post time: Jan-26-2021