Qingdao in April


April Fangfei means the arrival of the true spring and flowering season in Qingdao.
In the blooming season, Qingdao is majestic and colorful, and the twisted flowers have turned into dots of
 literary and artistic sketches. Such as Shimei Temple plum blossoms, Baiguoshan Sophora japonica, Zhongshan Park 
cherry blossoms, Xiaoxihu lotus, Laoshan Azalea, trestle wisteria, Badaxia roses, Chengyang District poppies,
 Laixi Yuehu osmanthus, Dazhushan Rhododendron...
The spring in Qingdao wins with blooming flowers and flower streets everywhere, unlike some places that only 
use a single flower of rapeseed or cherry or peach blossom as a gimmick.
As Zhang Ailing wrote: "Every butterfly is the ghost of a previous flower, come back to find itself."
In the twilight and late spring, the April sky is a faint dreamland.


Post time: Apr-29-2021